Wesleyan Campus Ministry
Where ALL God's diverse children: BElong, BElieve, BEcome...  BE @ the Wesleyan !


  at Texas A&M University of Commerce

T H E   S T U D E N T S


 Well, we are a melting pot from all backgrounds.  We are from the cornucopia of faith traditions.  We are
first-years and grad students, urban and rural, short and tall, LGBT+ inclusive, chocolate and vanilla, weird and weirder, and everything in between!


We have a deep hunger for meaningful friendships, time for work and play and rest, reaching out and serving, true life, a better world, real peace, and really good food and plenty of it (seriously, we eat a lot).


So, the WCM is a ministry of the United Methodist Church.  Even so, we are made up of students from all different denominations and faith traditions.  While we come from different places, we follow a "Wesleyan" path together...  seeking God's grace at work in the lives of all people...  listening for God's voice to speak to us through the Bible, wise voices from the past, the experiences of ourselves and others, and through God-given reason...  opening ourselves to God's grace that we can be transformed and re-formed in love!

T H E   C O R E

WE ARE the group of students at the heart of the Wesleyan, living out our calling in God and following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ through the people and ministries of the Wesleyan. 

WE ARE the ones who listen for God's voice to guide us as we dream and plan the present and future of the Wesleyan Campus Ministry. 

WE JOIN TOGETHER to Grow Deeper in Christ, Reach Farther to serve the world, and
Connect Together as sisters and brothers.


Members of The Core commit to:

* Participate as one of the family in
Wesleyan Ministries

* Meet monthly with The Core to pray and discern God's lead for our ministry

* Through Core meetings, learn what it means to be Wesleyan and be able talk about it with others

* Meet monthly for a group meeting with the Campus Ministers to  grow in discipleship of Jesus Christ and  listen together for God's call to our life

* Join in community with other members of
The Core, seeking the best for each other

* Pray for students on campus and others
in the Wesleyan

* Love God and love students!

T H E   S T A F F


Rev.  Brian Dierolf

Campus Pastor

David Kemp

Assistant Campus Minister

Mikey Elwell

Facilities Curator

Trey-Cean Allen


Our Mission:

Making disciples of Christ for the transformation of the world; by offering students an inclusive and welcoming faith community where ALL God's diverse children:

BElong, BElieve, BEcome...

BE @ the Wesleyan!

We are a Reconciling Community, inclusive of the LGBTQA community. Click here to read our welcoming statement.