Wesleyan Campus Ministry
Where ALL God's diverse children: BElong, BElieve, BEcome...  BE @ the Wesleyan !


  at Texas A&M University of Commerce

T H E   C R E W

"Making the world a weider better place!"

 What would the Kingdom of God look like if it fell right out of the sky right into the middle of our campus?  I mean, not the harp-playing, cloud-sitting version, but the peace-making,
boundary-crossing, love-bringing,
eye-opening version that Jesus kept talking about?  That's The Crew!  In strange, sometime jarring ways, we enter campus to create
a glimpse of something we long for:

Bubble Days, Bluebook/Scantron Giveaways, Fresh-Cooked Ramen, Random Foot Washing,
Free Hugs & [Chocolate] Kisses... 
What does the Kingdom look like to you?

L O C A L   O U T R E A C H

Our Connection to the Community

 Each year, the Wesleyan Core prays over ways we can connect with and even transform our local  community through love and servanthood.  Serving meals and welcoming all to the table, visiting and worshipping with friends in the
nursing home, building wheelchair ramps
for people in need, hiding Easter eggs for kids
in the community...  We want to know, and make known, the grace of God through the faces
and hearts of our sisters and brothers that surround us every day.

"Let us love, not in word or speech,
but in truth and action." 

1 John 3:18

S P R I N G   M I S S I O N A L   T R I P

Spring Break Experience

 "Don't you mean Mission Trip?"  Well, not really. 
Yes, we often go out to serve, but our goal is not just to spend a week in mission.  We want to spend a lifetime in mission, wherever we are! 
Spring Missional Trip gives us a chance to experience opportunities to serve and grow as others can show us.  We get to talk with people over meals, worship in peoples homes and among the homeless, play with power tools, visit and work on sustainable farms - all to serve and be served,
to grow and seek God when we come back to our own community as well.  Some of our recent missional trips have included:


Texas Ramp Project (Wichita Falls & Greenville)

Breakfast at the Heights (Wichita Falls)

New Day New Monastic Community (Dallas)


Burgundy Pasture Beef (Grandview)

World Hunger Relief Farm (Elm Mott)

Homestead Heritage Community (Waco)

Church Under the Bridge (Waco)

Windy Meadows Farm (Campbell)


 The Monastic Community of Taize, France