Wesleyan Campus Ministry
Where ALL God's diverse children: BElong, BElieve, BEcome...  BE @ the Wesleyan !


  at Texas A&M University of Commerce

F Y I   L U N C H

Wednesday Lunch 12:00-1:00 pm

 Home-cooked meals right here on campus every Wednesday?  Wait, FREE home-cooked meals right here on campus every week?! 


Join us for a relaxed time of good friends and good food at For Your Insides Lunch.  Everyone on campus is welcome to come together, no matter who you are, so chances are that you're going to meet some new people too!  We want to have the chance to show the welcome and hospitality we have been shown to everyone!

M O B I U S   C O F F E E   H O U S E

Thursday Nights,  7-11:00 pm

Mobius Strip (noun) : 1 a one-dimensional object that is constructed from a rectangle by making a loop, holding one end fixed, rotating the other end 180 degrees, and joining the two ends together. 
2 a strange name for a coffee house.


Every Thursday night during the school year! 
Open mic for music, dance, comedy, and anything else you can think of...  a full range of karaoke for the professional and timid performer... 
featured student performers and groups throughout the year...  specialty coffee house drinks served up by our Mobius baristas...  and people from all over the place!  Grab a gaggle of friends and come hang out at the the hip hop happenin' place on Thursday nights!